Pontiac Intelligence is a transparent, self-service advertising platform that allows users to purchase standard programmatic media as well as Digital Out Of Home ads. We also offer a foot traffic attribution tool and proprietary cookieless identity solution, making it a fully comprehensive and powerful toolkit for digital campaigns.

The Pontiac Platform Education Program is designed to make ad tech easy for clients of all backgrounds, experience levels, and budgets. Enroll in the course today to learn more about the platform and the programmatic industry as a whole, and earn more return on your investment.

DSP Platform

Learn to leverage the full suite of DSP products and targeting strategies. Configure Display, Video, Native, CTV & OTT campaigns and develop advanced trading techniques to deliver across your KPIs.

DOOH Platform

From roadside billboards to gas station TVs, the DOOH platform brings your ads to life, engaging with consumers while they are on the go. Learn to select venues, upload creatives and launch successful DOOH campaigns.

ART Platform

The Audience Research Tool (ART) is a proprietary cookieless identity solution designed by Pontiac Intelligence. Learn to both better understand and better reach the users of highest potential value to your brand and subsequently maximize ad spend across all channels and media types.